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“I know it`s hard. Stupid, actually. But don`t answer him. Just tell him you can`t be bothered and let the silence sit there. If you want it to follow the rule, it must make sure that you are not breaking it. Even if in this situation, it might make sense to break it. It is a slippery slope. Both meanings have remained faithful to the root of the word “conclave,” which Merriam-Webster`s full dictionary gives as “Middle French, from medieval Latin, from Latin, room or apartment that may be imprisoned.” It comes from the word “clavis” or “key”. Originally, a “conclave” was a locked secret chamber. Because the cardinals were locked in a room until they elected a new pope – an incentive to decide quickly – the word was transferred to the group and its purpose.

Unfortunately, this is a bad strategy. Because making a rule and then letting people break doesn`t make them do like you, it just allows them to ignore you. According to the Building Act, the cardinal amendment rule is a doctrine that allows major changes to a contract for a construction project. It gives the contractor the right to ignore any changes that are significantly different from what was included in the original contract. It limits the owner`s ability to modify the work that the contractor originally agreed to perform. In its purest sense, a “conclave,” as the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, is “the place where cardinals meet privately to elect a pope” or “the assembly of cardinals meets to elect a pope.” (The difference in capitalization of the “cardinals” is that of the OED.) This usage appeared for the first time in 1393, says the OED. The “conclave” is also what is called an assembly of cardinals, just as a group of geese is a “gag” and a group of fish swimming together is a “school.” After my phone call, I asked them why they ignored my rule. Well, this time, since I didn`t want my call to be interrupted in an unprofessional manner, I kept silent.

But they kept hitting and finally got in. I was amazed! What about my rule? I motioned for them to remain silent, but to let them stay in the room until the call was over. The cardinal change rule came from the U.S. Federal Court of Claims. The clause arose as a result of a case in which substantial amendments were made to the original contract that the contractor found to be contrary to the contract. Changes that are radically different from what was included in the original contract sometimes involve risk, as the end result of the project itself can be very different. This also endangers the entrepreneur. I had broken the cardinal rule of rules: never break a rule. Okay, that`s a lot of definitions. How exactly are they related? In most cases, cardinal means central or essential.

It is a cardinal principle that you use it to describe words of behavior such as rule or sin. In the Church, cardinals form the central governing body, and in mathematics, cardinal numbers (one, two, three) are the numbers you learn and use first. If the owner files a complaint that the contractor is not complying with the amendments to the contract, he or she is protected by the cardinal rule. If there is a major dispute, such as If the owner alleges that the contractor has breached the contract, he could claim damages. But I have a rule: if the door to my office is closed, they have to knock once. If I answer, they can come in. If I remain silent, it means that I do not want to be disturbed and that they have to wait for me to come out. But we have other words for these things, like “convention,” “conference,” “assembly,” or “assembly.” “Conclave” indicates a secret or private nature of the event (or gathering of people). The Associated Press Stylebook even says this in its entry on the “conclave”: “A private or secret meeting. In the Roman Catholic Church, he describes the private meeting of cardinals to elect a pope.

A cardinal is a bright red songbird, and the word also refers to the purple color of the bird. In Catholicism, a cardinal is a high-ranking bishop. In mathematics, you use cardinal numbers to count. A cardinal rule is a central rule that must not be broken. The cardinal amendment rule is designed to protect contractors in a construction dispute, but it is possible that a situation will be brought before the courts. When the cardinal change rule applies, the court considers factors such as the size of a change to a project, the amount of additional work to be done, and the financial cost of the changes. A few days later, they tried again, but I didn`t give up. And they haven`t broken the rule since. “You`re right,” I said to Isabelle after she called me about my inconsistency, “It`s hard not to break my own rule because I love seeing you so much.

But the rule is really important and I can`t break it again. If you don`t follow the instructions on this page, you probably won`t pass this course! I was in my home office, talking to a new client on the phone, when I heard a knock on the door. I looked at my watch: it was 4pm when my daughters Isabelle and Sophia came home from school. In general, I like to take a break at that time and hear about their day. Later, if he wants, he can explain that his work requires total concentration and that even a small interruption makes him lose his train of thought. But not then. Because an explanation at that time will reduce discomfort. Your message should teach us something new and relevant on the subject. The purpose of a discussion message is to provide new information about the topic under discussion.

Your topic should be a complete sentence that summarizes the main point of your post. You need to create a topic for your chat messages that conveys the main point of your message. It`s not enough to just use a “keyword” or “keyphrase” as the subject – you need to create a short sentence (a complete sentence with subject – verb – predicate) that summarizes the main point you make in your post. Note: You should not use the topic that is automatically created for you – you must replace it with a full sentence that you create. The cardinal laws were imposed on the Commonwealth by Russian Empress Catherine the Great with Russian forces under the command of Prince Nicholas Repnin at the Diet of Repnin of 1767–68. [1] “Out”. I repeated it and felt like an idiot. I wanted to see them.

I even feared for a second that they really needed me. What if one of them was injured? What if there was a fire in the kitchen? But I didn`t look up. My wife was at home. If there was a fire, she put it out. In the event of a contractual dispute, it is the entrepreneur who must bear the burden of proof. The OED also notes that “this entry has not yet been fully updated (first published in 1891).” This may explain why the way the “conclave” is mainly used nowadays is absent. As M-W puts it, “conclave” also means “a meeting, in particular, of a group with common or specialized interests (as a fraternal society)” and “any authoritative group that exercises broad discretionary powers.” When you participate in a discussion, each reply you post contains two fields that you must fill in correctly to receive your reply: the Message field and the Subject field.